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At Custom Commercial Interiors, we’re passionate about creating custom dream spaces for our clients. Our Ottawa design centre offers you a complete solution, with innovative and trend-setting layouts for restaurants, hotels, bars, offices and every other aspect of your business.

From our extensive line of commercial outfitting and furniture products, to our affiliations with pioneers in the industry, like interior designers and architects, we pride ourselves on never saying “no” to any ideas or suggestions for our business. Custom Commercial Interiors brings you far more than just an Ottawa furniture store.

Our goal is to blow you away with the service we provide – it’s a level of service that, unfortunately, customers can’t find anywhere else in our industry.  Our design showroom gives our clients a chance to experience an entire world of interior design and commercial décor before they buy.
We’re always looking to offer our clients more. Instead of trying to cut off our clients from the competition, we strive to make competitors into partners – together we can offer clients more unique and innovative solutions. Our customers get the best of all worlds when they use Custom Commercial Interiors.

Our affiliates get access to many unique benefits as well. We connect them to our customers, our state-of-the-art showroom, our convenient customer services, and our wide selection of commercial décor, outfitting and furniture products.  We work with our affiliates to create productive, user-friendly spaces for clients in the easiest, most stress-free ways imaginable.

Contact Custom Commercial Interiors now to experience the best in commercial design and outfitting.

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